My name is Jose Churape and at the time of writing this I am 25 years old. I have always had a love for all things television and movies so I am not above binge-watching anything all day and not feel bad about it. I have always enjoyed talking about what I watched, weather it is to friends or in class and as an English Major, I tend to over analyze everything. My passions are analyzing everything related to art and Pokémon. They aren’t related, but I had to tell someone! I also like to draw. If you ask any of my teachers growing up, I was always drawing and although I am not anything spectacular, I still enjoy doing it. It is why I will try to post often as I can and each post will have some crude drawing to accompany it until I can find founds to produce nicer work. So please feel free to leave comments and help me have the conversations I so crave about movies and anything television.

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